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Limited Seats available, save yours!

Are you tired of lacking confidence when shooting?

 I'm opening up my studio to teach you the techniques that have produced consistent results, every-time. You will get to watch 2 live shoots, from start to finish, including the culling and editing process that I put my images through. I'm confident that you'll be able to duplicate the results and feel more confident about your images afterwards.

Take the guesswork out of shooting


You dream of producing the images you see in your head, but somehow you always get different results.

You find yourself struggling to know what directions to give clients

You find that you run out of 'poses' during the session?

You would you like to use minimal equipment for striking images

You struggle picking (culling) the best images to show to your clients

You spend FOREVER editing your images.

Here's a video detailing what you can expect during our time together.




"Fresh out of university, all I had was a Nikon d3100 camera and a hobby I wanted to turn into a job. I applied to be her intern for 6months and I got the post! In the time I learned a lot from Fify, just from the operating my camera with manual to conducting a whole shoot. Fify taught me to always prepare for my shoots, from making sure that your battery's is fully charged and you have a spare to poses that you will direct your client with. I learned to make my subject very comfortable while shooting them, to make them relax and make the relax. I learned tricks on using the natural light I learned to be confident and bold while shooting. To be honest I will forever be grateful for what I learned from Fify Loewen." Hawa Fifi Monosi, Photojournalist, Botswana Gazette


"Being around Fify shoot has really been a wonderful experience which has benefited me from my starting days till my professional ones. I mean the way she moves through the shoot with her calm presence you're always assured at the end of it all she'll come out with stunning results and of course that always happens at end. Even though I enjoy shooting fashion more, I sometimes think how I relate with models on set is highly influenced by the tactics she pulls when engaging with her clients on set." Brilliant Kodie, Blogger and Photographer, Be Brave with Kodie

What you'll learn

  • How to arrange the order of your client's outfits
  • How to instruct your stylists, makeup and stylists if they are available
  • How to establish connection with your client
  • How to 'flow' pose your client, which poses to start with and flow into
  • How to do simple setups that get you the best results
  • How to utilize tiny spaces for maximum results
  • How to quickly pick images that your clients will LOVE, and buy
  • How to quickly edit

Bonus offers (value P1500)

1. Get my client questionnaires, that have helped me figure out what my clients want.

2. My client communication email templates

3. My editing Actions


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 2 Payments of P1850


One payment of P3500

Frequently asked questions


+ What equipment do I need?

You need to just have a DSLR, and a lens to take part in the course.

+ Skill level needed?

This is for you if you have a basic understanding of your camera settings, especially shooting manually. It's NOT a beginner workshop, but a posing one.

+ Do I need to be a full-time photographer?

No, you just need to be able to transfer your skills, part time or full time.

+ When and where is the workshop

Set date is Saturday May 27th, from 9am till 1pm. This will be in Gaborone, Botswana. It's a 1 Day event.

+ Will I have a chance to ask questions?

Definitely, we'll have time to work through your questions and challenges.

+Will food be provided?

Yes, snacks and drinks will be provided.