four areas you must populate before publishing your facebook page

I love and respect social media, the legs it gave my business all those years ago. Today I want to focus on the first social media platform that I used seriously to howcase my work and spread the word about my business - Facebook. 

I don't know about you, but I often get invited to 'like' pages, but often when I get on there-there is nothing much to make me like the page - no information, no posts, just a ghost-town. In this day and age, you want to make sure that you are on point, with everything so this post will address 4 things you MUST have in place before hitting 'publish' and inviting people to like your page.


This makes me connect quickly with your business/brand. You can use a logo, or a picture showing your face clearly. Make sure that it's a clear image, even if it's a selfie. Ideally though you want a professionally-done headshot.

You can view my selfie tips here.

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There are many ways to go about this one, but the main thing to note is that you don't want your cover image to be full of text, otherwise Facebook will penalise you. This is another opportunity to show off your work, or to direct your audience where you want them to look. 

You can design the cover page in 3 ways:

1. Just upload an image using the dimensions 828px by 315px. I prefer cropping the image using software like Photoshop. But if you don't have photoshop you can use a free one like Pic Monkey.

2. Use a premade template. Just Google 'free cover page'and see what comes up. alternatively, purchase some premade ones from Creative Market, Etsy.

3. My favourite. Use Canva. It's free, just sign up and get access to the many designs.

You'll 1) Create Design, the select Facebook Cover under Social Media and email Headers. Next go to layouts and select one you like. 


This is important as it tells people 1) what you do, 2) your website 3) how they can reach you


Have at least one post ready to engage your audience. If it's a new page you can start with: 

- A giveaway

- An intro video

- A share of your portfolio

The possibilities are limitless!


This is it for now, I hope these were helpful. Share in comments what you found most helpful!