Have you been hurt by church?

What if you've been hurt by church?

You've had your wounds poked and prodded by the very people that were supposed to be the body of Christ, to help bring healing?

You've been burned badly, and not by the Holy Ghost fire but by malice, gossip, judgement, hate? Now you'd rather stay at home than go to church?

Here's the thing. No matter how 'put together' on Sunday most of us try to be, in our Sunday best, we are just disguising how truly wretched we are.

And wretched in a sense of, 'We need a Saviour, we don't have it all together. We long for that connection.''

There are no superstars in God's kingdom, no A-Team, no X-men no Marvel. We are more like patients in that Patch Adams movie, in various states of disrepair but all sick nonetheless.

But God is not intimidated by our weaknesses.

He says he can heal us because once we know the depth of His healing power then you can lead others to Him, the great physician.

He says He can use us to demonstrate forgiveness because we know how it is to be greatly forgiven.

He says he can use us to extend grace because we've experienced most amazing grace.

And that way, the cycle of abuse and people quitting fellowship with other believers (church) will maybe stop.

Have an awesome Sunday, if you go to church ask one random person, especially one that is not speaking to anyone after church, if they are okay, if you should pray with them