Killer Selfie tips from a portrait photographer

About 2years now ago I got a BBC interview because I had good images showcasing my hair journey. At the time of doing the selfies, I wasn't trying to document my journey, I just wanted great images of myself for my social media accounts.

So today I'll be sharing some great selfie tips, from a  photographer's point of view :-) Because lets face it, sometimes you don't have anyone to do pics of you, and sometimes it's nice to be in control of the final product. I'm going to be applying the same principles I would apply when photographing someone.


Photography is light, period. Find great light and you can create incredible images. For selfies, or any images that showcase your face the first thing is to find a good light source. A window or door usually work just fine, and if there's a sheer curtain to soften the light even better! Then stand in front of that baby and snap away!


Check your background. Ideally, you want it to be as clatter-free as possible, and if it’s darker than your foreground even better because your face will pop up even more.

P.S - Look at the fan behind me, terrible, but I wanted a quick shot on this day!


Get some editing tools for quick cleanups. I personally don’t use filters because I like a clean look. But what I will normally do is  add  some light and contrast, and minimise blemishes if any. Some apps I like are Facetune, Enlight and Snapseed.


I know it can feel self-indulgent to take a selfie, especially in public. But just like when you are being photographed by someone else, be confident and let your posture say the same. Stand tall, look straight at the camera and try different angles to see what's most flattering for you! 


Where you are standing in relation to your lighting will produce different results. Same with where you position your camera, see some examples below.

1. This is what we call the ‘beauty shot’ lighting, where the lighting falls straight and evenly on the face, no contrast. Its the best way to photograph to showcase facial features.

2. Window/light source to side. This is great for creating nice contrast and slimming your face. Again, camera slightly above eye level.

3. Window front but head tilted slightly. I like this because it gives a bit of dimension to the face, and gives a good view of your hairstyle if you wan to showcase that.

4. This angle potentially gives one a double chin, and it makes it hard to see the hair:-)

 5. Backlit image. Not much visible…

This post will be updated, but I hope it's helpful for now. As usual, leave a comment and let me know what you found helpful!