Purpose Conversation - Interview with Pst Hannah

I was introduced to Pst Hannah last year when I visited CRC for the first time. Her obvious love for God, and just the humility with which she serves really drew me to her. Which is why I'm excited to share the conversation that I had with her the other day! Honestly, you will be encouraged after listening to her speak, so go ahead and play the video!


Points covered

- Pst Hannah's background, where she was born and raised

- Her educational background

- How she met her husband, Pst JJ

- How she got started in the music ministry

- Her thoughts on leading a team

- How to instill a sense of purpose as a parent in your children

- Books she's read, and a song that inspires her


1. 'I know Who You Are' - Planeshakers

2. The Anointing - R.T Kendall

3. The Sisterhood - Bobby Houston

4. Without Rival - Lisa Bevere

Hope this encourages you, and as usual, leave a comment and let me know what resonates!