Pity or Compassion - what's your motivation?

I grew up around missionaries, or people dedicated to a life of service to others. And I had always wondered what made some more effective than others, what made some leave a better legacy than others.


And I believe that it has a lot to do with compassion. Yes, there are other factors that come into play, but at the heart of it, the more compassionate you are about the that you are serving, the more you will learn to see problems from their perspective, and then come up with the correct solutions. 

You cannot fully serve that which you despise or look down upon. You cannot serve effectively when you are grumbling about the country, or it’s people.

Compassion moves you to empathy, and empathy is not pity.

Empathy asks, how can I empower you to overcome your problems?

And pity says you poor, helpless individual, let me save you.

And truth is, most people don’t need saving, they need empowering because they usually have the answers to their problems.

They just need the courage to boldly stand up for what they know will advance them.

So I ask today, are you serving from empathy or pity? 

Are you full of compassion for the people that you are serving in your line of work - job, business or ministry?