I'm off social media for some time - this is why

I'm totally one of those people that have rolled my eyes in the past whenever I've seen people 'quitting social media', bad I know :-)


You see for me, social media has been an amazing tool for me to connect with people and grow my business. I've people that have become friends, and I even started a natural hair movement harnessing the power of this tool. I mean, I even help create content for other people's social media accounts!

So it came as a surprise yesterday after my meditation session when one of the thoughts that came to me was I should go on a media fast for 7days. And by now I've learned to take such promptings seriously, call it learning to listen to my gut.

I'm not sure what all is going to come from the exercise, but I know my outlook is going to be different. It's only when we take drastic action that we experience breakthrough, and I know this too well. 

For the next 7days, I'll be off Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And I'll be checking my email maybe once a day.

I plan on writing on my blog still, and I'll be communicating using my email list.

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And stay in touch via email, info@fifyloewen.com

Have you ever given up social media, even for a season? What were your takeaways? Let me know if the comments as usual!