Monday Musings - What words will you speak from the grave?

If you are alive at this right now, you are certain about one thing - you are going to die. I know this sounds morbid, but it doesn't have to be. This is a simple truth that can help you greatly in focusing when it comes to working for the life that you are called to.

Let me tell you something that I experienced the other day.

I somehow stumbled across this interview that this lady was doing. She was a business/productivity coach, and I found myself nodding and challenged by everything she was saying. When the interview came to an end, I immediately looked her up - her website and books.

But then something wasn't adding up -her website seemed old, and on Amazon, the reviews for her book seemed to be older. And then I looked closer, investigated further and saw these words - 'In memory of...". And my heart sank.

It turned out that the woman, Jennifer White, had passed away from a stroke about an hour after her 33rd birthday. Wow.

While this made me sad, it made me wonder too; what impact will I have from the grave if I were to die today? Will my life's mission continue while I'm gone? I mean Jen had been gone since 2001, but her words and tips were so relevant for me, 16years later!

And here's the thing, a legacy doesn't necessarily have to be grand or expensive or popular - it just has to be heartfelt, helpful and recorded. 

So my friend, beyond the grave, more than the tombstone, what words would you want your kids and grandkids to read and hear when you are gone? And are you recording those? 

Let me know in the comments below.