What taking your own advice can do for you

If you find that you are constantly giving other people great advice about any issue in life, but you fail to apply that same advice when needed, then this post is for you! It can be business, relationship, health, fitness advice etc. Most people that I meet tell me that they are really good at dishing advice, but often struggle to apply it in their own lives.


And I'm not exempt from this problem, I'm really terrible at resting, like fully resting, even though I advise other people to do so on a regular basis because so much good comes out of working from a place of calm and rest. 

I'm not saying that we shouldn't share wisdom and knowledge with others, but I'm saying it is good to consistently practice what we teach, for the reasons below.

Here's why it is important to heed your own advice:


Often times we want to change the world without changing ourselves. We are quick to take the plank out of other people's eyes, without examining ourselves. And here's the thing that I always get back to; you cannot give/serve from a place of emptiness, it just never ends well, usually for you. So take whatever advice that you are prone to giving, then apply it to your own life, consistently!

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Have you ever talked to someone that has gone through the same thing and overcome it? How did it make you feel? Hopeful and understood right? There is power in being able to demonstrate how applying what you are recommending moved you from point A to B. And the opposite is true, ever seen people that want to share millionaire secrets and they are NOT a millionaire? Or those that want to sell beauty products but you don't see the evidence of those working for them? Yea, people like selling dreams out here :-) Don't be that person.


Ever heard of or experienced the 'imposter syndrome'? When you feel like you are not REALLY qualified to speak/teach on certain topics? 'Who am I to...." Yea, it's a real thing, and most people feel that way which is why they never speak up. But, if you practice what you preach, and have seen a change in yourself, this feeling is lessened considerably. 

So that's it from me, let me know in comments below if anything sticks out to you!