Do you have too many 'tabs' open in your business?

The other day I was working at my computer and I was determined to get work done. I was researching a topic I was going to be speaking on, so I started opening a site to read up a bit. But before I knew it I had 7 or 8 tabs open, and notifications from everywhere were pouring in :-) I was no longer researching, but watching some inspiring videos, looking up some recipes and doing a tutorial for something.

While these in themselves were not bad activities, the problem was, I didn't need to be doing them in that moment. And by being distracted I was putting myself in a position where I would be stressed out eventually because I didn't finish what I set out to do!

So my questions for you today is, do you have too many 'tabs' open in your business? 

These may appear in the form of :


This is one I often see, especially with those starting out. I mean, I did it too. Offering photography, video, graphic design services, decor services, all in one go. I'm not saying it's impossible, but what I'm saying is there is a better way. I found that I got really better, and attracted my dream clients when I focused and honed in on what exactly I offered. Here are some quick questions you can ask yourself:


Listen, building an engaged and loyal social media tribe is a LOT of work, and it requires consistency and building relationships. And thing is, most of the time as a small business you don't have employees, or if you do, they are part time. So some seasons you are so busy working that you have little time to give your social media attention. But what if instead on being EVERYWHERE - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc, you picked 1 or 2 and just got really good at engaging your people there? Of course they have to be ones where your clients hang out, and ones that make sense for your type of business too. I'm not saying you can't be on other ones, but pick ones that you will focus on.


Who is your product/service for? Because believe me, it is not for everyone. So by not taking time to define whom it is that you are selling to, you run the risk of missing the very people that you should be serving. In an effort to appeal to everyone you end up appealing to no one, wasting time and resources in the process. But if you are speaking directly to your target market, you can speak directly to their fears and dreams.

In the business world there's no one absolute way of doing things, but there are some proven strategies and techniques that bear fruit. So let me know, are there any other areas where you find that you have too many 'tabs' open in your business, or even career? Let me know in the comments below!

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