What using the wrong set of keys taught me about potential

So this other time I was leaving the office after day and I was holding 2 sets of keys. Without thinking I started trying to lock the door, and the key just wasn't working for some reason. I kept pushing and turning the key, then even switching to another key on the same batch, but nothing was happening! At this point, I was starting to get frustrated because I really wanted to get home, and it had just started raining too!

And then I stopped, something wasn't adding up.



I looked at my hand now with intention, then realized that this whole time I'd been using the wrong set of keys! Our office keys all sort of look alike, but one set has a tag to differentiate it from the other. I chuckled to myself and could not believe how my not paying attention had cost me 5mins of time with my family :-)

Now my question to you friend is, are you using the right keys to unlock your potential and opportunities? 

There is no formula to this life, but there are proven concepts and guidelines that ensure that you succeed in whatever area of life you want to succeed in. 

A lot of the time because we want to get somewhere quickly we don't pay attention to where we are investing our energy, and end up frustrated because our efforts are not opening the right opportunities, or any opportunities at all.

Overworked, overwhelmed, underpaid, underutilized, most people operate at frustration level all the time! And I've been there, it's not a great feeling!

Truth is, we only have so much time in this world, so for me, if I'm going to do work, it has to be great work darn it!

Like I always say, a great life requires great intention, so don't compromise when it comes to getting the clarity and encouragement that you need to pursue the life that you are called to.

Tweak, ask, do - rinse and repeat.

Do you have the right keys in place to ensure that you get the best possible mileage out of your efforts? Share in comments below.