Purpose, Work and Self-Care - Interview with Shaila Visser

Word has it that we grow by the places we visit, the books we read and the people we visit. So today I thought it would be great to interview a woman I hold in high esteem and I'm honored to call a friend. Shaila and I met about 6years ago, and even though I've seen her only a few times, the times that we've spoken I've left feeling inspired and encouraged. 

On this chat we cover the question of unearthing your purpose, how do you get to do meaningful and fulfilling work? What steps can one take to get to a place where they are confident to step out, especially if they are switching careers?

Shaila shares a bit about her journey with work, and finding her purpose in life. She also speaks practical ways you can navigate your own journey.  

Revisit call on a regular basis, I think this is an important thing to do. Whether you are a doctor, or a lawyer, or a teacher - don’t assume that that’s your whole career, always go back and discern and ask about your call.
— Shaila Visser

Listen to the rest of the interview below.



1. You are what you love - James K.A Smith

2. The Harvard business Review

3. Dietrich Bonhoffer - Cost of Discipleship

4. Nicky Gumbel - Bible in One Year

5. John Mark Comer - Practising the Way

I hope you feel challenged and encouraged as I did, if something, apart from how off-centre I am in the video, jumps out at you, please share in comments below!

Shaila Visser is National Director of Alpha Canada, and lives with her husband and 2dogs in Vancouver, Canada.

Website: www.alphacanada.org                    

Twitter : @shailavisser