Why you should ditch perfection

Today I'll write about something that I didn't realize until this past weekend. For years I've struggled to get a 'newsletter' going. If you've been on my list you'll know that I'll write something once in a while then fade off. Bad business I tell you.


This hasn't been due to a lack of what to say or the platform to do it. But it's been to this monster, perfectionism. Yup, and I didn't realize it until this weekend. I think in my head I questioned whether my content would be worth reading, whether to include images, what tense to write in blah blah. All of this led to paralysis and inaction.

However, over the weekend I finally conquered another thing that I've been struggling to do for a while because of the picture that I had in my head of how it should look like. Then bam! I realized what was holding me back from writing notes similar to this one to you.

So, today I write to you to encourage you to look into aspects of your life that may stagnant because you have an ideal picture in your head. And not in the sense of trying to do it right and well, but in the sense of, 'I'll do this when this condition is perfect...'. For example,

- I'll launch my business when a,b,c happens

- I'll start exercising when it gets warm enough

- I'll write my book once I'm X years old

- I'll take time off for myself once I complete project 1,2,3

I've also seen it a lot with people when it comes to getting their pictures taken. The most common reason for delaying is that they want to lose weight first. But guess what, they either end up doing the shoot after realizing how tough it is to lose weight, or they don't do the shoot at all.  And please note that there's  nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight to look and feel your best, BUT you have to have measurable goals, otherwise it won't happen.

Unfortunately, life offers us no guarantees and unless you plan for the stuff you really want, you'll keep using all your time on those things that don't really make you happy, or make you a better person.

Here's a practical tip: Pick one thing that you've always procrastinated about because you thought the conditions were not perfect. Enter it on your Google calendar/Ical and set a reminder on when you should do it.

And to help you along, here are some activities that I schedule to make sure that I stay accountable and do them:

- Weekly workouts at the gym

- Reading

- Studying

- Meditating (I carry my yoga mat to the office)

- Journaling

Living a generally fulfilled life shouldn't be reserved to a select few. You'll find that the more you plan for it, the more it happens. Life will never be perfect, but we sure can live to the fullest wherever we are planted at this time.

Hope this is helpful, let me know if this has been helpful, and don't hesitate to share this note with a friend, and sign up below if you'd like to get these notes to your inbox.

Have a fantastic day!