3 lessons I got from being courageous

It was around 7:45pm and apart from restaurants, businesses were closed

This was in Melrose Arch in Johannesburg.

We had just finished dinner and were on our way to the car.

I looked across the road and the bright and gallery-like display of the office was screaming my name.

I went with the intention to look through the window because I didn't think anyone would be there.

I quickly crossed the road much my husband's disdain and marched up to the building.

And then I saw that someone was sitting at the desk.

In that split second I wasn't sure whether to moonwalk back or to continue with my mission.

See, I'm an extremely shy person, and I don't like attention on me.

But a quick calculation in my head confirmed that I had nothing to lose, so I stood at the door and waved.

She cheerfully told me that they were closed but I was free to come in and have a look.

Her name is Khanyi.

I'm pretty sure I sounded like a star-struck groupie, but I loved this space so much,

And I just felt inspired being in there.

Turned out that this belongs to Amdec Group,

A privately-owned property development and investment business.

And they have an amazing portfolio across South Africa.

My takeaway from all of the above:

1. Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be intentional in seeing it.

2. Once you see what you like/want, you need to walk in courage and not assume you won't get it. I could have easily backed down, but then I would have missed the opportunity to chat to Khanyi and be in the space.

3. Even though it was late and she was ready to go home, Khanyi engaged me and was so accommodating. Our interaction lasted less than 5minutes, but I have a great impression about the company. A great lesson in customer service and professionalism.