3 simple&free activities to do every day to minimize burnout


I know all about the pressure of trying to balance everything that this life calls us to balance. Work, family, social commitments - they all come bearing down. Usually, the first person we choose to neglect in this equation is the one that matters the most. Can you guess who it is?



Yup, in our busyness we tend to totally push aside how we feel, forget to nourish our minds and bodies. But truth is, we cannot give from a place of emptiness, we can try, but we will eventually feel burnt out.

It has taken me a while (precisely 5years), to fully grasp the concept of creating a routine to ensure that I'm well taken of. The last few months I've been employing the techniques below every day, and I've seen a great improvement in my quality of life, and especially in my close relationships.

My typical day now starts at 5am to make sure that I do all of these before my family is up, and no matter how late I get to bed, 5am my body is up! And it wasn't always this way, it took a bit of training to get to this point, which is why I know that it's possible.


As a photographer, I can spend many hours on my feet, and just as many hours at the desk, editing or doing some admin work. Therefore, I need to be strong and have good stamina, so being active is non-negotiable. I find that I enjoy yoga, pilates, zumba and a bit of swimming (still getting comfortable in the pool). I joined a gym, and have been going at least twice a week. The interesting thing is that I’ve discovered that my eating habits are connecting to my working-out habits. If I slack on working out, I slack on eating, and vice versa.

My advice: Get active. And think of it in small changes.  At least 30mins a day through an activity that you enjoy. Swim, cycle, walk – do whatever you can to get away from the computer for a bit. Some days are tough, but it’s so worth it.

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2. Reading

I was that child that read a LOT when little. But for some reason,  I stopped doing that the last few years. Reading broadens your mind, it takes you places that you otherwise couldn’t afford to go to. For someone like me, I don’t have easy and quick access to people I look up to, but through books I’m able to get access to their wisdom and insights. So read, and read a variety of books.

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As much as I love physical books, I read on Kindle because it’s more cost-effective and I get quicker access to books. But some of our local bookstores have a nice selection.

3. Journaling

In addition to reading, I happen to love writing. I’m actually a better write than I am a speaker, all because putting down my thoughts helps me arrange them coherently. The other day I was going through my past journals, and I couldn’t believe it when I came across an entry from 2014 where I was talking about something I was struggling with in 2016! The whole time I was thinking that the struggle was a new thing.

In short, journaling is a great way of getting clarity, decompressing and putting stuff ‘out there’. And there are many forms of journaling. My favorite is the 'free flow' one, where I write thoughts as they come to my head. I use an app called On One, free on both Android and IOS.

I hope this has been helpful, as usual, leave a comment to let me know of your experience!