Hello there, I'm Fify! And you are about to read one of the most honest pieces I've ever written.

My goal is to see you live courageously and live the best life possible, for you.

And in order to do this, i have to be honest with you about my journey, i have to show you my true self.

I looked at my journal entry from 2014 and shook my head. The year was 2016. I had been wrestling with the unsettled feeling for so long, but I had sort of forgotten about it in the throes of making a living and looking after my family. But promptings of the heart can only be ignored for so long.

So I gave myself ‘till end of 2016 to see if I still felt the same about work, and if I did, the 2017 would be different, I decided.

This is a snippet of the battle that I faced in my recent transition from doing photography full time to what I’m doing now (still finding a name for it, lol). See, I had an amazing journey as a photographer for 7years, and it had sort of become my identity, my 'brand', what I was known for. And only silly would just make a switch like that at the peak of their career.


And my next question then was now what? 

And how?

 And this is where you come in.

This is not about me, but I hope this little writeup encourages you, and shows you that you are not alone.

That you see that making changes in your life, no matter how big or small, requires an insurmountable amount of courage. 

And this is what I know. For 7years I’ve called out the beauty that I saw in women thorough photography, and showed it to them. In the process I’ve listened to their fears and hesitations about losing weight, about taking a different career path, about putting themselves first, about launching their businesses. I’ve also watched with pride as they took action and became in charge of their lives.

And here’s something else that I know - I’m a catalyst, I get other women (and probably some men, but they don’t tell me) inspired to take action. To look after themselves better, to launch their businesses, to go deeper spiritually, to go after the life they desire, and feel called to.

If this connects with you in any way, get in touch and let’s connect, I’m pretty sure you will feel clearer about what your next step should be. If not, still okay, you would have made a great friend in me!




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